18 December 2008

Day 17 - Down To The Wire

I continue to be posting 1 day late. Yesterday I went out... All the way to Richmond (it's way out!) to see some friends I haven't seen in ages. The Christmas social commitments list is, shall we say, large. It was a frock night, for me at least (any excuse is good, right?). My vintage 1930's hand made coat came out, and so did my vintage beaded purse - after all it was going to be a night of leisure and socializing (I do manage to kick my habit of carrying everything with me all the time once in a blue moon. The purse is so small that even my mobile phone is too large for it!) My gorgeous friend and "chauffeuse" appeared at the door and off we went... Did I mention a very small secret bag containing a ball of fine pure silk, a set of DPN's, tapestry needle, and small scissors?

Well, the evening was so exciting and full of conversation, laughter and delicious food and wine that I sort of forgot all about my pouch duty.

Until we were back on our way home that is, driving past the Natural History Museum, V&A, Harrods, Piccadilly Circus, and so on. Me and my needles in a flurry of action...

11.40pm - cast-on
11.50pm - increases nearly finished
11.55pm - knitting even and FAST
11.58pm - nearly ready for the decreases!!!
All of this whilst maintaining an animated conversation on tricky subjects and explaining the contemporary Advent Calendar concept.

Say "goodbye" (xx) and get out of the car.
Get into the house.
Throw myself onto the sofa, still fully dressed.

00.03am - darn it! darn it! I nearly did it!
00.05am - finish decreases
00.07am - weave in the ends (where is that needle?!)
00.09am - ribbon
00.10am - go to the advent thing and hang the pouch
00.13am - camera at the ready, I can do it! The post will only take a minute or two.

Darn it! The battery is gone!!!

So here we are. It's 12.48pm on the 18th and the picture is loading now.

Down to the wire. And lost. Nevermind. Today is a new day. I will manage this time.

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