12 December 2008

Day 12 - Oxymoronic Day

I had a productive day that consisted of doing "nothing". I haven't been very well this week, which is a rare occurrence, hence I am completely unused to it. I pretty much spent today (as well as the rest of this week) on the sofa, under a duvet and with a cup of steaming hot lemon tea by my side, relaxing and surrendering to my temporary lack of vitality. All of that time I was knitting Christmas presents. At times I couldn't see properly as my eyes seem to have really had it with this cold, but I persevered and am very close to completing all the projects I need to have ready for this Sunday. I have several more small projects planned, but am tackling them one at a time to avoid getting too overwhelmed...

This meant taking the focus off the Advent Calendar and, although I have kept up with the daily pouches, I haven't had much time to think about them or to plan. Instead I have opted for spontaneity and am letting myself be inspired quite literally as I pick up the needles to knit them! It's been fun. Today's pouch is made of novelty Noro cotton yarn. I love it! I have slightly changed the formula to one where I cast on 20 sts, increase in 4 evenly divided sections, and then decrease in 8. This pouch makes me think of spring :)

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