09 December 2008

Day 8 - My Grandmother's Rolling Pin

Whenever I need to be quick 3mm DPN's come out and the number of stitches plummets. Today's pouch is Habu Uran again, this time doubled up with Debbie Bliss alpaca and silk blend. And the reason today was busy is that Christmas knitting projects are now on the needles, and my grandmother's rolling pin was out tonight, as I was making a mountain of gingerbread biscuits. The family tradition of biscuit baking goes on - to children's delight.

PS: I forgot to mention why on earth my grandmother's rolling pin was given such prominence in today's post. Well, one of my very earliest memories is that of me climbing on my tiptoes in my grandmother's kitchen to put my chin on the surface of a large wooden table and seeing her rolling out the pastry for biscuits with that very rolling pin! I must have been 3. Today my youngest child was playfully stroking the smooth wood of this old family heirloom and listening to the stories of my childhood. This month is the 13th anniversary of my grandmother's death.

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