24 December 2008

Day 23 - Fragrant Home

I opened one of my yarn drawers with a plan in mind - Rowan Summer Tweed in tomato red or chocolate brown... No idea where this thought came from. Anyway, there I was scanning the contents of my extensive stash when I saw this Araucania Pehuen in blue, still in a skein (easily distracted!!!). I took it out without thinking much and wound it into a ball. Out came 3.75mm needles (I needed to compensate for the time spent listening to the choir at St. Paul's Cathedral singing Christmas carols earlier on today and a gorgeous smelling activity I set up for children in the morning. It turned out that O's little fingers couldn't quite cope with the pointy cloves and I was promptly turned into the person in charge of his pomander, which very effectively diverted me from knitting).

I admit I haven't thought this through properly. I should have photographed these pomanders before dusting them with orris root powder, but there you go - I got carried away!

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