04 December 2008

Day 4 - The Turquoise Cloud

Today I ventured even further into territory of texture and tactility with one of my gorgeous Habu gems capable of turning anything into an art piece.

You may remember yesterday's pouch...

... silver silk and light brown Habu mohair loop.

Today I indulged in the more voluptuous version of the subtle mohair loop - also known as Uran. Gorgeous stuff. Knits up very beautifully doubled up with anything. I used 3mm needles this time and cast on fewer sts (18 to be precise). I have pretty much repeated yesterday's pattern, and presto - a little while in the waiting room at the clinic a couple of rounds on the bus and a cup of green tea later I have this:

Although I have doubled up Uran with Debbie Bliss turquoise pure silk, it is not very obvious, but adds a bit of weight and density to the fabric, which is good, as the pouch is full of treats!

I am loving this project. Not only did it inspire me to use up some beads, I am now a threat to my ribbon collection too :) But I am going on a tangent here...

I would actually like to prime a subject scheduled for tomorrow, very much related to the afore mentioned Debbie Bliss silk. It was a leftover from a project I have designed and made some time ago now, which can be found in this book. And tomorrow all about putting projects gone wrong right. A well overdue article.

PS: Did I mention that the kids absolutely love the Pouch Calendar, as they call it. Every day they spend a little while looking at it and gently stroking it, brimming full of anticipation and imagining the treats inside.

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