22 May 2008

In A Full Swing

I've done it again!
I was resolved to stop neglecting my blog and I plainly did not put quite enough energy into it... I tend to give myself tough time over things like this and am noticing a temptation to berate myself for it, but I'm just going to notice and let go instead. Uff.

Well, if you think this means that I have commited knitterly 'high treason' and ditched the needles and abandoned all projects... Stop there. No, I have not. Quite the contrary. I have been so busy recently that I barely had time to do anything else other than knitting. Today I worked on this:

In fact I have a new project every few days. And YES they all do get finished before I get onto the next one. The secret is their small size - all kids things, and all knit for a purpose (not least stimulating being the one called "deadline looming"). In fact, I have been taking a new project to every session at O's playgroup (2 sessions a week) these last couple of weeks. Like this one:

And this one (currently soaking, nearly ready to block):

The other mums must be thinking that I am on something, and they probably are right, as I have done the most amazing thing recently - I have been spring cleaning my stash (and must have breathed in very potent wool fumes). I haven't gone mad, oh no... It's just that I have ordered so much new yarn and soon I will have to store yarn in places that are far too obvious - and the risk is that N will find out how much I really have. There just simply is some stuff in there (meaning my enormous chest of drawers full of yarn) that I know I will not knit up. Reasons vary - too little left for what I would like to use it for, gone off the colour, decided not to knit the thing I bought it for, and so forth... It certainly feels good to have somewhat "rationalized" my mountain of yarn :) I can't believe I am writing this! The great thing about it is that I feel no guilt whatsoever when I look at this (arrived today!):

The most gorgeous hand-spun goatland and silk blend for a Stitchville pattern for this autumn. More can be found here.

There is loads more to tell, but I have promised N that we shall spend some time relaxing tonight (we both have been working like there was no tomorrow these last few weeks and I do need to work on doing what I said I would (see top of this post).


13 May 2008

Second Attempts

Some things just won't do. I had to frog this neckline detail, as it wasn't good enough. Second attempt underway.