22 December 2008

Day 22 - Heightened State Of Creativity

The culmination point is getting closer all the time and I seem to have entered a heightened state of creativity and - it follows - productivity. Having spent about 2.5 skeins worth of time on the sweater, I was reminded politely by my children that the pouch no. 22 was still missing, despite the evening hours drawing in and B.E.D. time approaching.

So I got on the case with the pouch no. 22.

This yarn here is Hotaru by Noro, and if you have been following this calendar adventure of mine you know that I have already been there and done that, except it was green. Nevertheless, here I go again:

I love this yarn, although it doesn't quite meet my 'natural fibre' standard (containing 68%cotton and 32% of polyester). It is like a magical daisy chain - simply entrancing.

And if that was not enough for one day I have about an hour of work ahead of me tonight. I'm looking forward to it... I'm not telling you what this thing is. It smells of lavender :) I shall reveal the secret very soon.

I'm in a swing!

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