20 December 2008

Day 20 - Pouch Strain

I am feeling it, but bravely ploughing on with the pouch thing. Basically, I have managed to stay on top of things, but the intensity of pre-Christmas prepping is getting to me a little. Mostly in that there seems to be not nearly enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do!
I'm far from compromising though. Tonight, after a busy day involving dashing across the river to the South Bank to meet a bunch of friends, shlepping all the way to West End, and then to meet a student for an hour of tutorial on Upper Street (I am forgetting to mention the fairy light mission here - yet elswhere, and a stuck District line train, but nevermind that) I have picked up 2mm DPNs (the smallest I own I believe!) and bravely cast on for yet another pouch - using Jitterbug by Colinette - not exactly the chunkiest of yarns :/ I sort of new what I was doing, but could not help myself - the idea was there all day and I just wanted to follow through on it!

May I present pouch 20.

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