06 December 2008

Day 6 - On Christmas Cards

An article attracted my attention in today's Guardian. It is featured on the front page of their Money section. It is full of very enlightening information on how the charity cards' business works.

For example, did you know that "some charity cards now selling in Harrods give just 3.9% of the sticker price to charity."

"The Charities Advisory Trust advises to seek out charities' own cards, which donate at least 40% of the sale price, but now you can go as close to the full 100% as possible. The Sreepur Village outreach project is offering handmade cards produced in and around their village, 40km north of Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka. The women make the cards at home using paper made from locally grown jute. They are paid a fair wage, and it allows them to earn an income without having to leave their young children."

The cards can be purchased here.

Harrods does not need my charity, after all.

Today's pouch is made of Bee Sweet yarn.

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Phillamena Thropic said...


You can also send charity e-cards which give up to 121% of their price to charity if you Gift Aid it.

In return for a donation to your favourite charity (over 200,000 to choose from) you can send as many personalised e-cards as you like on the date you choose. Be ethical, save a few trees and a bit of cash at the same time!


Even the Guardian agree - http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2008/dec/08/christmas-cost-saving