14 December 2008

Day 14 - Carrot!?

Today was a day of creating - totally against the biblical notion of rest. Actually, Sundays are not exactly what I remember them to be when my maternal grandmother was setting the tone! Anything goes these days, and today was mostly about making ornaments for the Christmas tree, which appeared here early this year due to some of our friends not being around this Christmas and visiting today for a special festive hello before flying off... I was all consumed by stringing beads and making fancy chains whilst chatting to friends and being served endless refreshments by our chef du jour.

Today's pouch was inspired by this yarn here. It's the stuff that Kauni cardigan is made of (yarn available here). Well the idea was to try and get to the red layer, but I have clearly underestimated the meterage here. I knitted and knitted and the pouch was getting deeper and deeper... Finally I decided to stop. At least until tomorrow.
Believe it or not, nothing was further from my mind than a carrot when I started this. And here we are - a carrot resembling pouch!
I therefore dedicate it to my son, who adores carrots.

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