02 December 2008

Day 2 - About Being Deluded

Well, I had a very productive day today mostly consisting of actions that were space clearing in nature. It feels very good to have done that. The things I have accomplished today proved to be rather time consuming too. So it follows, the intention for today's pouch was to make it quite quickly. I have picked some vibrant Debbie Bliss pure silk leftover. Hooray! This pouch will put that meager ball of yarn out of its misery!!! It may be the case, however, the unforeseen bit is that trying to put it out of its misery made me quite miserable! Oh, irony!

I ambitiously set my heart on using the thread up to the very last bit. Finding the increase and decrease rate that would allow that to happen has eluded me for some time, and several times I have come pretty close, but not quite close enough...

Need I say that it was not a quick one at all - quite the reverse :|

I have learnt something: I am just making cute pouches. I am NOT trying to put my leftover yarns out of their misery.

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