27 November 2008

Simplicity Is Where It's At

In the whirlwind of daily life and all busyness that it entails, I love to work on simple projects to relax, to meditate (cannot do the classic style meditation where you sit still - although garter stitch allows me to achieve perfect inner stillness, I am not kidding you), and to enjoy the texture and softness of wool. This is precisely why I came up with this scarf design.

I have plied together Stitchville 1-ply alpaca in charcoal and light brown minute mohair loop from Habu. To add a finishing touch I have worked a sequence of short rows at the end and when I have reached the point where you start going 'sideways' I have switched to mohair loop in cream, which resulted in a contrasting triangle.

It was a true "vegging out on the sofa" sort of project. No complications, no challenges, no fuss - just straight forward garter stitch... et c'est tout!

If there is anyone out there interested in joining in the Advent Calendar knit along here is a few thoughts on that subject.

1. I am trying to identify a wall in the house, which would display my knitted Advent Calendar to its best advantage. It needs to be good size clean and clutter-free space. 'Clutter-free' is the easy part, as generally there is not much going on on our walls. However, 'good size' is a different matter. Options are few and far between. Another consideration is to display it in the strategic place, so that we can all keep an eye on it and share kids' anticipation as we're getting closer and closer to the Christmas holiday (this is exactly where the appeal is for me!).

2. Depending on the chosen spot I will then settle on suitable scale. The great thing about doing things this way (as opposed to just buying a calendar and then finding a spot that will accommodate it) is that in my case these two are interrelated and are dynamically influencing each other, as I obviously have a concept for the calendar and know roughly what shape and form it will take!

3. Think about your favourite yarns (preferably left-overs). Dive into your stash to fill in the gaps. Get a 'bouquet' of needles handy. We will also need a crochet and a large simple hook in the wall where the calendar will be displayed.

I am aware that I have used the word "calendar" quite a few times in this post and am hoping, against the logic, that I am not fixing your expectations too much. Remember, this ain't just any Advent Calendar - it is its contemporary counterpart.

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