02 October 2006

Top Tip Time

I got a parcel this morning. It contained 4 boxes. These magic boxes have the power to keep moths at bay! The ironic thing is that the moths love them too.

I'm sure you can imagine, no... you KNOW what it's like to live in a house full of niches where the moths rule if you are a wool lover.

There was a time when I had propensity to take more relaxed and tolerant stance on house-sharing with moths. I probably needn't tell you what happened. Well, I had my gorgeous lot of softest buttery cashmere eaten up. That would be it for "love & peace" as far as the "m" horrors are concerned.

Having weighed the facts I decided to take action. I looked at all chemical stuff out there and decided that I wouldn't put it anywhere near my own person or my children (or anyone, in fact). Then came somewhat gutting discovery that lavender doesn't quite do it. Although, it cannot be denied that its calming properties are very excellent indeed for dealig with post-infestational trauma.

One day whilst I was chatting with my next door neighbour she told me how she is absolutely over the moon with those boxes she uses to control moths. Next thing I knew I was on line to order some for myself. I can tell you there is no going back!


Those ingenius things are completely non-poisonous. "They are designed for monitoring and controlling moths through non-toxic substances of sexual attraction. Male moths are attracted to the glue board and thus cannot fertilise the females; the population will be decimated continously"

It's brilliant!

You can get them here.

And here is what happened to the moth eaten cashmere:

Cashmere scarf and a funnel hat dyed in madder, 2000.

PS: Did you read the article on moth infestation in the September issue of British Vogue by Alexandra Shulman? Food for thought. Better be safe than sorry!

PPS: Did I mention cedar wood cubes in air tight boxes. Works wonders and yarns and garments smell gorgeous too. You can get them from John Lewis (in the basement). If in doubt put yarn or sweaters in the freezer for a few days and it should take care of the problem (if there is any).

Must dash. Off to get novelty needles for my next project. More about it tomorrow or Wednesday (it's Louis' 6th birthday tomorrow so it might be a bit of a stretch to blog).

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