01 October 2006

It's my party and I'll knit if I want to!

I just finished reading Sharon Aris' book about Aussie knitting scene. Very fascinatig, and very witty. I had lots of fun with this book which in its design is "a light-hearted look at why knitting is the new cool". I admit, a lot of Aussie references were lost on me, but none the less I thoroughly enjoyed the read. It was a bit of a research for me into the current state of mind around knitting which (surprise, surprise) appears to be very much about timeless nurturing quality of just being present in the moment, like a medium which takes knitters to some place else where the constant chatter of the mind quitens down and it feels blisfully peaceful (except maybe for those instances where one works on a super complicated pattern or design and it feels like exactly the opposite!).

You can get this book at Amazon. To UK based knitters I would recommend Foyles, a brilliant independent bookshop.

If any of you really get the wicked side of being present in the moment there is another kind of thing I would recommend. Check this out: Kindling Point, a cutting edge organisation designed to foster awareness and dialugue (do not confuse with debate, discussion or other widely spread and, sadly, favoured means of communication, or not - as the case may be). Anyway, I am digressing.

Another thing is that I feel inspired to organise a knitting party this autumn and try this thing with socially enhanced knitting. Any of you live in London?

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Kendra said...

That book sounds interesting. I love your necklace by the way, your experiment definitely worked out.

I work in London and live just outside. I'm always tempted to try the social knitting thing and have an eye on a knitting group but as none of my friends knit I keep putting off going as I'd have to do it by myself.