03 October 2006

La Knitterie Parisienne

If my concience would let me I would plan my holiday around visiting that place. It looks so wicked (as Louis would put it) and so tempting!

La knitterie Parisienne was set up by a Parisienne, Edith Eig. It is situated in the heart of Studio City, the suburb in LA where most of the major film studios are. Apparently good place for upmarket English yarns (let's face it - no need to go fetch wood from the desert when one lives in the woods) as well as for star spotting. To the point that when BBC came to film a piece on star spotting in LA they went just to three places: Rodeo Drive, Spago restaurant and La Knitterie Parisienne. I love Edith's idea of 'bees knees parties' where she provides yarn, needles and instructions for party guests who learn to knit. Fab idea.

Now, time for the novelty needles: Ta da!


The man behind these needles is nobody else but Ms Eig's significant other, who happened to be an engineer.

The New York Times was raving about those nifty sticks. And so I ordered some, mainly to shock my own husband (I think my enthusiasm for silly things like that rather amuses him :) And also because I really needed to treat myself having survived my daughter's playdate at our house in true style (do not under estimate what three 4 year olds are capable of).

So what that days are getting shorter! I will be laughing with those illuminated sticks. No doubt they will be a great attraction to my darling Oliver.

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