29 October 2006


Today we went on a little trip to a nearby town called Manningtree and had tea there. The highlight of the trip was that, unlike much more picturesque village of Dedham we visited a day before, which was furnished only with a miserable looking couple of shelves in a local convenience store designated to vulgar acrylics, the town boasted a little independent yarn shop called “Notions”.

The souvenir from that place is a small collection of finest Aran wool spun in Yorkshire, which is meant to be produced by Wensleydale sheep and be “the finest and most valuable lustre longwool in the world”.

It was a bit of discovery, as I haven't heard of them before and I do love the subtle sheen of the fibre. Colours are fab too. The yarn inspired an idea for a kiddie Aran jumper with a twist, but I am not letting on what the twist is going to be!

If you want any of it for yourself here are their details:
Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop
Cross Lanes Farm
Garriston, Leyburn
N. Yorks. DL8 5JU
Tel. & Fax. 01969 623840

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emmms said...

Thanks so much for putting up a link to the Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop (try saying that three times fast), I love the picture they've got on their homepage. That's how my fringe looks right now!!