29 October 2006

Incredible luck

Yesterday we went on a trip to Colchester. On the way there I have realised that I have forgotten my bag and – most importantly – my purse. Let's not mention the camera, shall we?

This was bad news seeing that I was going to have a stab at finding a local yarn shop, where I could buy a souvenir that would feed my knitterly passions. Nick cheered me up offering that if we found such a shop he would buy me a souvenir, which I thought was: firstly – very generous and kind, and secondly – imprudent (in the name of love, I hope).

Anyway, we parked the car and merely walked for a couple of minutes in the direction of Colchester castle (Louis is obsessed with medieval history at the mo, especially castles and knights) when we stumbled upon an enormous shop called “Franklins Needlecraft Stores”. You can imagine how happily struck I was for a nano second before I plunged with enthusiasm straight in between vast shelves stacked with tons of yarns, textiles, books, threads, buttons, tools and serious crafty machinery. Oh joy!

I have to complement myself on how well I managed the shopping. I got soft merino wool in rich sombre colours for Oliver's Kaffe Fassett sweater (you see, I cannot stop this colour obsession – can't explain why, but it is addictive). I admit, we didn't have much time as it was getting on, but to tell the truth I'd rather Nick didn't know how much I am able to spend on yarn. I'd rather he was just suspecting than had a proof.

I am loving this holiday, it's so beautiful here. The beach house we are staying in is facing the estuary and the views are stunning. Boats are scattered all over mile wide river, air is fresh, beach – inviting, windows - enormous, and I spend all my free time knitting to the sing song of waves outside. Beautiful.

PS: Oliver-muffin has performed his first toddle today, as pictured below. Excuse this rather haphasardly notice , but I cannot resist sharing this photo. I wish you could have seen the xpression on his face! Priceless :)

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