14 October 2006

Knittings from Poland

I am on kind of a holiday. In some ways it is a holiday and in others it is not. Clara and Oliver are with me so I am not off parenting duty (having said that I am surrounded by willing child minders), but I am definitely off the hook as far as all house chores go. Hence I have a bit more time to knit. I am experimenting with new stitches & patterns and testing them for my next project, wrap around cardi. The yarn is just gorgeous: Rowan chunky tweed in yummy raspberryish hue with heavy notes of berriest red wine and speckles of blueberry blue. Simply trans inducing!

Whilst working on a generous gauge test I managed to display some overtly pro-knitting behaviours knitting on a bus, on a train (and at the station where I was waiting for the train, where I was chatted up by an elderly man clearly surprised by the sight of knitting needles, who then went on to reminisce how his mother used to knit jumpers for him when he was a little boy, inquire as to the nature of my project and generally being charming) and even managed to knit whilst I was waiting for the anaesthetic to kick in at the dentist's.

Here are the patterns I am pondering for the cardi, which - by the way - seams to be very much in alignement with this season's fashion for chunky knitwear, very wearable over sleek silk dresses or over a fine top with jeans.

PS: The colour in the photos is not as deep as in reality. I will have another go at capturing it with a different camera and in different light.


Kendra said...

That looks really lovely. I like the stitch you've used in the second close-up photo, the texture goes really well with the yarn you are using.

dianne said...

The yarn, the color, the stitches are all gorgeous!!! Hope all goes well in Poland for you.

Anonymous said...

Hello. This is your husband speaking from London. These new experiments look really good - I particularly like the colour and the plant forms. Don't think you can speak to your knitting pals and leave me out of it - OK! Love, Nick xx.

Anonymous said...

Gosia this is wonderful! I love seeing the pics of you and family on holiday, and I think that Clara's special jumper is incredible. You should seriously consider making a grown-up version - love from your sis in law, Susie