18 October 2006

She likes it!

Last year I decided to knit my daughter's Christmas present. I was determined to get it finished in good time although I started rather late and kept on being very distracted by Oliver, who at the time was a weenie baby of mere two months, as well as having to cope with my postnatal brain absolutely unable to think logically. I was spending all my waking hours (not consumed by activities that preoccupy young mothers) knitting. I remember frantically finishing off a day before Christmas Eve, wrapping it up in gorgeous red tissue and so looking forward to seeing this cosy wooly sweater on Clara.

You can imagine my dissapointment when young Lady opened her present and firmly refused to try it on. She just did not like it! Quite a few weeks went by before she reconsidered. Once she put the sweater on, it started growing on her that it is actually really warm and soft and noticed that people comment on how cute she looks in it. She eventually got to like it very much. But the sting of rejection was bitter. Of course I did my best not to take it too seriously, but still I would have preffered her to like it a lot from the start.

So you will understand how wonderful it felt when Clara just absolutely loved the cursed cardi from the very first second I presented it to her. It made all difficulties in the process of making it worthwile. It feels great to see her enjoy it so much, and look so damn cute in it!


Kendra said...

She looks lovely and the cardigan is so cute. I can remember being unimpressed by some Christmas presents when I was little that I later came to treasure. I'm sure that your daughter will look back and think it was amazing that you made her so many beautiful things. I can see why she loved this cardigan straight away though.

dianne said...

Soooooo adorable,,,,sweater and daughter!!!