29 October 2006

Riot of colours

Knittings from Wrabness consist mostly of Kaffe Fassett's patern tests for Clara's new winter jumper. I have made one yesterday and it is drowning in a bowl of water at present. I will be blocking it later to work out the numbers for the cast on.

And here it is:

Now, this is a new interest for me, who stuck to the conviction that simple modern looks have more appeal, and so I concentrated more on technical excellence, perfect balance, refined simplicity with an occasional twist here and there and disregarded completely all that fussy colour work. But I must say that having kids has altered this opinion and I now enjoy just letting the inspiration come to me without any prejudice, and am not restricting myself to any particular look or feel.

Louis and Clara respond fantastically to colours and are so full of anticipation waiting for their sweaters to come off the needles! I love it!

My idea of a holiday.

I am learning so much with these projects. When I was knitting the test yesterday I discovered about half a dozen tricks, which I think will improve the final result hugely, i.e. : when working on round needles set up your work so that the wrong side of it is outside and you can control all the threads easily (if there is anything like easy control with Fassett's multi-coloured patterns) and mix tying and weaving techniques to even out the gauge and make sure that there are no nasty holes between different colour sections – what I find works well is to tie the yarn between long sections of different colours and weave the sections where colour change is very frequent, like 1 blue, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 red. It is amazing how results can vary depending on how the colours are put together – colour work makes for a very good entertainment.

The funny thing is that I have actually decided against this particular pattern, so it will be a surprise when I have something to show for this project :)

PS: When Iget weary of looking at tiny stitches I look out of the window and see ships and yachts that sail by.

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