11 January 2009

Pirates Love Chunky Sweaters

Hey! The chunky sweater is finished! It got 10 out of 10 in my son's estimation (and he is a severe critic, perfectionist as he happens to be). He practically does not take it off, except at bedtimes - and only after intensive campaign:

Me: "Darling. You cannot sleep in this sweater. You will get too hot. Believe me. Why don't you put on your spaceship PJ's? I promise, you can put it back on first thing in the morning."
Louis: "But..."
Me: "I know, and I promise - first thing tomorrow you can put it on. OK?"
Louis: (sulkily) OK.

The hot hit garment features:
- a side zip with a pully thing to make it easier to zip it up and unzip it,

- an odd cuff,

- and enough fine-stripe-free-space to spice it up with a scull badge, mateys.

Goofing about is something this young pirate likes to do a lot. And, may I say, he does it rather well.

This sweater was actually designed for Kids' Mirasol Collection, which (among other things) is fund raising for the Mirasol Project and the pattern will soon be available to download at the Stitchville Yarn Boutique. I will, of course, let you know...

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Sarah said...

A great sweater for a great model!