09 January 2009

4 Days & 21cm In

The skirt of The Red Day Dress (more about this in the fullness of time) is getting more substantial every day. I am officially 21 cm in.
I promised to reveal the source of my gorgeous silks a few days ago and have subsequently disappeared for about 3 days - mostly knitting in every spare moment (let's face it - they are not numerous). A while ago I listened to an episode of Cast-On podcast where a knitter has attempted in a very thoughtful essay to tackle the subject of time relativity in relationship to knitting. I think this is exactly what happened on this occasion. It seamed like an instant, like a blink, but in fact was 3 days! Nevermind.

And to the point.

These lovely silky 'obelisks' are from Fibrecrafts and they are virtually inexhaustible source of finest silk thread. They are really meant for weaving and machine knitting but, as creativity has no limits, they do come in handy on occasion in this strictly hand-knitting temple of fibre worship (also known as my home). I ply them with various yarns and they do work up very beautifully in lace patterns too.

Just to give you an example of the sort of silky lace knitted up with this yarn...

Silk Shawl hand-dyed in safflower, 2002.

And in the next post more on the magic of custom plying...

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