02 January 2009

Wrapping Up...

And I am not referring to the chilly weather (although I must say I am loving the crispness of the air). I am referring to the Advent Calendar 2008. It is time to take stock of what it brought into our family life and into my creative life.

Firstly, it had provided a rich source of fun and excitement for everyone; children (because they adore Christmas time and treats) and parents (because we adore the children and anything, that makes them happy) alike.

Secondly, it has provided me with structure to be creative, disciplined and steady within.

Thirdly, it has inspired countless conversations and became a temporary installation in our kitchen (don't you love temporary installations - I tend to have at least one on the go at any one time!) and a tactile record of the run-up to Christmas 2008 for our family.

Finally, it provided this:


We had emptied the pouches onto the sparkly piece of material and the pouches lay there, light as empty shells...

We had found a box and stored them away neatly:

This could have been a tricky moment to facilitate with a pile of chocolates in view and within reach. Luckily, I appear to have very sensible children who have agreed without too much convincing that it was an ace idea to put all chocolates in a special tin into which we will dive during post-climax zone of January, whenever our spirits need lifting or we are simply after momentary pleasure. And so we did! The pleasure derived from our tactile calendar continues into the New Year!

Happy New Year!

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