06 January 2009

When Gauge Gets Complicated

As it will, from time to time. Are you ready? Ok. Here I come!
Single strand of Angel Touch Alpaca looks like this:

Plied with 1 strand of tussah silk it looks like this:

Plied with 2 strands of tussah silk it looks like this:

Plied with 3 strands of tussah silk it looks like this:

And ad finitum. Well, maybe not this time.

I'm experimenting with gauge for the next major project - a day dress. And it is very interesting indeed. Just look at this (you might need to click on the picture to be able to appreciate the tiny details :):

Although the strands are so fine, adding just one at a time makes much more of an impact than I have anticipated, and not in any sort of predictable pattern either. I like the subtle gradient effect this gives the fabric and am intending to use it to enhance the design. I will also add a fine strand of shuntung silk, which is shinier and "silkier" than the slubby and slightly "sticky" tussah. These silks combine well with alpaca, which on its own does not produce fabric dense enough for this project. I don't really want to work on needles smaller than 3.5mm. It's only a knee length dress, but still. I am actually giving myself a deadline for this project. Yep! February half-term. I do love challenges!

Today was Day 2 of the project (if I were to discount hours of nursing the idea in my mind over the Christmas holiday), and having sketched and swatched it yesterday, I have cast on today and made a bit of progress on the 250 sts of the hem. Thoroughly enjoying the plying process, though it can be a bit tedious at times.

Do try and imagine my yarn basket for this project.

Tomorrow I shall reveal its gargantuan proportions, as well as the source of my lovely silks...

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Sarah said...

This sounds like a wonderful project