13 November 2008

Stitchville Yarn Boutique Now Open

In case you were wondering where have I been and what have I been doing...

Stitchville has now its very own yarn boutique, which... Well, if you want to find out more have a peek. And yes. The deed pretty much accounts for my prolonged absence. But I have returned with renewed enthusiasm and plenty to write about, and apparently much more able to love myself (as in "not beat myself up" for being a dreadful blogger over the last couple of months:)
It seems that there is time for everything (as poetically stated in one of the biblical poems), and my blogging time is up again!

Pleased to be back from the land of servers, code and rather generative (read "not very structured") management. I need tactile things to recover from all this.

I am able to type at this wee morning hour (!!!) thanks to a quadruple coffee I had YESTERDAY afternoon, but even that is wearing thin now so I'll finish with an image and off I go to B.E.D.

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