30 September 2008

The Natural Dye Day Otherwise Known As The Perfect Occasion To Get Intoxicated On Crème de la Crème of Natural Yarns (forget the opium, Pierre)

What can I add... The title says it all!

It was a fantastic day out. The weather was splendid (and don't you dare to challenge me on grounds: "if it was so great why is she talking about the weather?" If you live in this Sunforsaken country you will know exactly what I mean and if you don't I will not even try to explain), the yarns were gorgeous, the visitors were many, knitting went on and on. And it was so good that there may be a reprise, so if you have missed it do not make the same mistake twice - and you will prove yourself to be a fast learner :)

I snapped a few photos for your benefit...

Naturally dyed wools by The Good Yarn Stall (the host and initiator of the Natural Dye Day).

Pet Alpaca spun from the fleeces of the two cute alpacas in the photo! I forget their names - never been good for remembering names (humans, alpacas - it's all the same).

Absolutely gorgeous hand spun limited edition Loch Sunart rare breeds... To dye, eeer sorry... die for!

And to top it all off was the exuberant atmosphere of Spitalfields Market on Sunday.

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Sarah said...

A fabulous title for what sounds like a fabulous day! If I can make the next one I surely will.