21 November 2008

Advent Calendar KAL

Today I was browsing through a children's mail order catalogue particularly interested in Advent Calendars. We haven't done this ever as a family and I do need to pull myself together, because if I don't kids will grow up and it will be too late to provide material for some fond childhood memories. That will not do! (I do treasure mine.)
I saw some really cute ones and some ordinary ones too (mostly wooden)... And then I thought to myself
"Silly you. You can make a better one than any of these! And of course it must be knitted!"

You are invited to join in, you knitters out there...

There will be an Advent Calendar KAL button and N is going to make it! So watch this space. Ideas are brewing here. This is so exciting! I just love the idea of making a family calendar that is OUR advent calendar and it will be unique and wonderful. But that is not all - the grand plan stretches over 3 years so that every child can claim their own calendar in the future (it will come in handy if they decide to start a family one day).

Part 1 starts on the 28th of November when we (it would be so much more fun if others cared to join in!) find out - in detail - what we will need for this project (as it is not hard to make a rough guess given that knitting will obviously be involved:)

The Knitting Extravaganza report to follow shortly, as I forgot my camera and am waiting for the pics someone else has taken (lucky some people have their heads screwed on more firmly than mine is!) May I just say that it was a fantastic night out. I'm going to let you in on a secret here. Cocktails at Hakkasan are just out of this world. Pleasure enhanced by talking to a fellow knitter whilst sipping them, and yes, we did manage to touch on other topics than just knitting!!!

It's so dark, I cannot possibly take a decent photograph of my favourite skein of yarn of the moment (you know, I'm a changeable creature). It's gorgeous, I repeat, GORGEOUS skein of bright orange sari silk from The Good Yarn Stall (but of course!) and I already know what it's going to be. Not telling though.

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