13 November 2008

Knitting Extravaganza

A knitter's life is quite simply not complete without at least one Knitting Extravaganza in a while. Well, if you haven't made it to one yet (and they are not terribly in the mainstream, you know?) than here is your chance to do it in grand style!


46, Great Russell Street
(opp. British Museum)
London WC1B 3PA

From the doorstep you will see:

Yes! The British Museum (although not exactly from this angle).

Jarndyce is a fantastic place with bags of history...

"No. 46 Great Russell Street was built c.1735 as part of a development by the Duke of Bedford and stood opposite the late 17thC Montagu (or Montague) House, the site of the present British Museum.

At the time of its construction, it was on the edge of Central London; to the north there was little development. A map of 1755 shows ‘Southampton Fields’ surrounding Montagu House. No. 46, like its neighbours, was built as a private house and would have only come into use as a shop in the 19th century.

During 1825-1850, the new British Museum building was under construction and No. 46, along with its neighbours, was given a face-lift. The fronts were rebuilt and stuccoed to make them uniform and fitting neighbours for the new building opposite, but the interiors remained untouched, retaining the original panelling and other features." cont'd.

Well, once a year this antiquarian bookshop becomes the home of The Knitting Extravaganza. The event is organized by The Good Yarn Stall and Stitchville will be there too!

And this means that there will be A LOT OF YARN!!! And this is the whole point!

I'm getting a little carried away here. No point in telling you how wonderful it will be if you don't know...


Thursday 20th November
6.00 - 8.30pm

The last question is:

What am I going to wear?

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Sarah said...

Exciting news about your yarn boutique :o)

Hope the extravaganza tomorrow is glorious