10 September 2007

Primed & Ready

Amongst the one zillion things that happened last month was PicKnit No.1, which happened to fall on Bank Holiday Sunday. The weather was gorgeous - clear blue sky scattered with flocks of light and fluffy clouds. The company was of finest sort, coffee was strong and ice creams - delicious. We spent all afternoon there thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

Titus posed for a picture with the socks I was knitting :) Does he not look convincing? You would have no clue at all that he is not of a knitting sort if I didn't let you in on the secret...

PS: Kids were up a tree, hence only represented in the photos by gorgeous Teresa, who was simply charming and I am sure will make a wonderful knitter one day.


Sarah said...

Yey! What fun - glad you had great weather.

Riggwelter said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!