22 September 2007

Stupendously Fabulous YCK

It's hard to know where to start when there is so much to tell, so I uploaded the pictures randomly and now am going to follow through to tell you the fabulous tale of the You Can Knit course just past.

There was a small camp of "expecting" and "baby-adoring" participants, who were very much interested in creating gorgeous knits for the babies. Just look at this lovely cardi-to-be by Elie,

or this little baby tunic-to-be by Michelle - fit for an angel!

This little baby wrap top-to-be was only cast on in the session last week and is coming on very well. I believe it is destined to end up in a little wardrobe of gorgeous Teresa, who was a delightful participant of the August PicKnit and is very lucky indeed to have a passionate adorer in Stephanie, who happened to be on the course!

And here is another creation by Stephanie:

A fabulous scarf made of Noro silk blend - a short number to be worn with a glamorous pin (many more scarves were produced in the early stages of the course, all gorgeous and very different and very absent at this improvised photo shoot).

And below is the source of Pod's bewilderement in its early stages, to which I claim credit:

Barely one very busy week later it transformed into this:

Look out for proper pictures of these beauties, as well as the pattern which I am currently working on.

And below is the peplum for Kam's ambitious second project (after a lovely scarf she has produced at the beginning of the course) - a fab and ultra-complicated cardi.

This vest was produced in a couple of versions by one of the speediest participants and its twin is in Japan now (totally by accident via China), shipped as a gift for a very special person:

This cabled vest is just fabulous and in the fervour of today's session I missed my opportunity to photograph it on its maker!

Next comes an opulent silk cardi for Clara, which I am currently working on (look out for the free beginner-friendly pattern on Stitchville):

And here is a lonely wrist warmer - its mate is still on the needles and due to go to my wonderful mother-in-law tomorrow (yes, yes, I know, time is running out!).

And if all that was not enough, we were also treated by Stephanie to a delicious home-made carrot cake to mark the last session.

It's hard to believe that for most participants this was the very first encounter with the knitting needles , but it actually is the case! Amazing progress has been made by all and I am so very impressed by all the work that has been accomplished (I smile thinking of my very first projects).

Hip hip hooray for all of you! It was so much fun working with you all - keen, ambitious and fabulous people. Hope to see you around and keep it up with the knitting thing!



Kendra said...

So may lovely projects. It must be fun helping everyone through them.

I love the baby ones.

Sarah said...

How great to see some of the output from the course - that cabled vest is particularly fabulous.

Hope Pod liked his lovely socks.