21 August 2007

Windswept Beauty

Just gotten back from the windswept and heathered crags. Unpacked. Going through the mountains of laundry to re-pack and be gone again in few days' time.

Here are some pictures of beautiful Snowdonia for you:

Knitting is omnipresent, but too much of it to go into details now. Will cover it all when properly back home.

PS: The picnic on the Heath still on. Praying that the weather will get a grip by Sunday. Will think of a back up plan in case it doesn't!


Tamara said...

Beautiful!!! I'll be thinking of your picnic while sweltering here in South Carolina, USA. Hope your weather is wonderful :)

Riggwelter said...

Snowdonia is beautiful isn't it, I don't know why I ever left.

Kendra said...

Are you having the picnic in September as well?

I love the photos of Snowdonia. It looks so tranquil.