27 July 2007

Roofs of London

We have a house guest this week. She is a Parisienne.

Roofs of Paris are much talked of and much depicted too (Hermès carré by Dimitri Rybaltchenko from the S/S 2006 collection called Les Toits de Paris, just to mention a fairly up to date example).

In fact, when I lived in Paris I could get out of my room (through the window, oh yes - these were the days!) and have a picnic on the roof of l'immeuble in which my apartment was situated. I have some very fond memories of warm summer evenings, gentle breeze, flocks of clouds and endless sea of roofs stretching as far as the eye could see. All this accompanied by a glass of wine, a baguette from the local boulangerie, delicious cheese and grapes... And, of course, a bunch of friends.

Many years on.

Because roofs of Victorian houses do not afford such views, we had to use


Sarah said...

Great photos - I still haven't been on the eye but I really want to, even more so now I've seen these.

Thank you for your birthday tidings, I had a lovely time.

Riggwelter said...

Great pics, you'd never see me up on that thing!