10 July 2007

Touched by Wool

There is absolutely nothing the matter with my will. It is, in fact, rather reliable. I can say to myself:
"No splashing on shoes or bags, girl."

And it works. In most cases. I haven't bought shoes in I don't even know how long and am not even remotely tempted. Same goes for bags (with an exception for Nivaldo de Lima bag but that was strictly work related, as I have outgrown my knitting bag. I have to get a whole load of yarn and stuff to the sessions after all AND it was a bargain on eBay - the thing needed loving home, clearly, or else I would have not fallen for it).
Anyway, this will of nearly iron-like strength doesn't seam to cut it where yarn is involved. I am completely at its mercy. The effect of this weakness is that I am regularly "mugged" by gorgeous skeins/balls of soft yarn.
Reasoning is to no effect. I could be telling myself for eternity:
"Darling, you have enough yarn to knit even if you were to make it your main occupation for the rest of your life. You REALLY don't need another bag of it"

It just doesn't work!
Someone asked me recently how much yarn I had. I thought to myself:
"If I tell the truth they will think I am touched. Better to stay on the modest side."

And so I did. Even though I didn't own up to how much yarn I REALLY have, the person who asked me couldn't stop laughing with disbelief. Just think what would have happened if I admitted to what's so yarn-wise?

Oliver and I went to town a couple of days ago and came back with this:

Green NORO (col. 15) wool, kid mohair, silk & nylon blend:

Purple NORO (col. 17) wool, angora & silk blend:

Ps: Talking of weakness...
Randomness, part 6 is this:

Green Tea Pocky.


Riggwelter said...

mmmm...pretty wool and tea...the best post this morning.

Sarah said...

We all have to have at least one weakness...

Good choices I can see why you wanted them.

I'm not doing too badly on not buying any more yarn for the month of July though I may have made a bid on ebay ... oops I think it will be too low though.... unless I go back and up it...