09 July 2007

In Life's Current

Whole of June has been very busy here. You might or might not know about the No Face project and how it nearly brought me to my knees and made me weep with exhaustion and despair. Tough times. I'm so relieved No Face is gone. However difficult it might have been with it around, I must acknowledge that after No Face's departure the house is simply transformed! It's such a pleasure enjoying the new space and it seems there is so much more of it now!

Towards the end of the No Face project I managed two whole days of escape to the wonderous land of sock-making. Socks, socks, socks has come and gone and - let me tell you - it was a hoot!

We indulged in fabulously colorful and soft sock yarns...

and delighted in making loads of socks.

At times it looked as though I was handling weapons, not innocent socks on DPNs!

The picture above shows an emerging peasant heel.

Than there was my birthday (thanks a bunch for all birthday wishes:) and I celebrated it surrounded by friends and family (the shrug to the left was hand-knitted by Iwona - a proud example for the You Can Knit gallery)

and pirates who drunk loads of orange rum and made a racket (whilst searching for the treasure) to create much desired effervescent atmosphere (actually, I was a discreet pirate too as you might have spotted from my head dress, and one in favor of wine rather than rum I must admit. DO NOT be fooled by the fine gauge knitted dress!)

Flowers arrived from my dear friends who couldn't be there (and were awfully missed).

I feel so fulfilled being 30, a mum to three wonderful kids, in a great relationship AND knitting for living. I feel positively blessed. I know it might sound a touch odd, but I am really pleased to be 30 and over the stormy formative years.

To add to the excitement, the summer series of You Can Knit begun last Saturday and we had a very productive first session. I am really looking forward to seeing projects fly off the needles!

"But that is not all!
Oh, no.
That is not all..."

Yesterday I made a start on a new project. It's cotton and it's color work and it's great fun.

I must say that I rather do like my new office. Don't you love the fashion monsters?!
Thank you, No Face.

The quote above is from one of Louis & Clara's favorite (children's) books. If you recognize it please e-mail me and you will take part in a luxurious skein of yarn draw at the end of August (just perfect for extravagantly fine socks!).


PS: Randomness, part 5

The family myth says that I have picked up knitting whilst in my Mum's womb. You might think that it's unheard of, but hold your horses and figure this (I can't help thinking that there is something in it):

My Mum first learnt to knit when she was expecting me. About 5 years later I picked up needles and being fleetingly shown how to do knit and purl was sent off to become my doll's knitting slave. I actually do not recall being properly taught knitting ever! I just did it. As I grew older and more inquisitive I leafed through knitting books asked my Mum millions of knitting related questions and painstakingly honed my skills (those long and freezing cold winters were a great incentive). These days my Mum says she has nothing to teach me and my Dad says that I have knitter's mind. Which, of course, I do.

Lastly, photo by Clara.


Kendra said...

What a great party and what cute pirates! I love your desk - it looks like a good place to sit and design.

Sarah said...

Ooh somehow I missed this lovely fun filled post before! Great photos from SSS, lovely to see Iwona wearing her gorgeous shrug looking beautiful, say hi to her from me. So glad No Face is gone and what a lovely desk you have.
Enjoy being 30, you certainly had a great party to celebrate it :)

PS Is the quote one of the Dr Seuss books.... it seems familiar but I just can't quite think of the source.