16 July 2007

Getting Into Slow Lane

Nick & I used to be really good at spending time together and chilling, especially on weekends. Nearly 10 years into our relationship and three children later, it looks very different. Most of the time we run around frenetically, determined to keep up with our impossible stacks of to-do lists and barely allowing ourselves a moment of rest, except for the blessed moment when we finally drag ourselves to our bed at night and exhausted drop onto our pillows. Chilling became a foreign concept, an abstract word that lost its meaning.

Last weekend was different though. Saturday morning was time out for me, as I had the second You Can Knit session of the summer course for beginners to facilitate. Afterwards I swooned at a very low pace around Upper Street (totally out of character, as I am known to be one of the fastest and most passionate walkers on the planet) and did some shopping. A bag of 100% sport weight alpaca in gorgeous silvery hue of gray found its way into my bag. I swear I have no idea how that happened! Well, OK, there was a promotion on at Loop, as they have celebrated their second anniversary, so it was a bit of a bargain. I think it might have weakened my already feeble resistance.

When I got home I found a little gang of kids running around, squeaking for joy and having great time (good friends of Louis & Clara came over to play). I actually did not accomplish anything else that day, except for sipping some supremely delicious Black Cherry wine from Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard and reading. Oh, nearly forgot to mention this:

I wound first skein of Noro yarn for Clara's scarf into a ball!
And promptly made a start on it:

Sunday was a continuation of this slow-paced bliss. We went on a long family walk, had lovely lunch on our return, listened to thunderstorm outdoors, read, slept and drunk delicious hot chocolate.

I'm so pleased I can still "do" chilling!

PS: Randomness, part 7:

Gosia's Delicious Hot Chocolate:

Heat up 2 espresso cupfuls of milk in a pan and then add 3 squares of bitter cooking chocolate (Lindt or Green & Blacks is perfect) and a tea spoon of maple syrup.
Froth with milk frother (I find that the battery powered one is better than manual for chocolate as it produces much lighter and more airy mixture).
Pour into espresso glasses and enjoy.


Sarah said...

Ooh that hot chocolate sounds heaven;y, as does the rest of your weekend.

Are those special birthday needles you're knitting Clara's scarf on?

Riggwelter said...

I do love Noro colours.
That Hot Chocolate does sound wonderful.