02 August 2007

Summer without a picnic is...not a summer!


on the Heath

is a fine thing.

I Just Love This Place! Look at the gorgeous Garden House! All those flowers bring to mind Kaffee Fassett's knits ;) I shall report on the progress on my Fassett cardi soon.

I like to combine my favourite pursuits to enhance the amount of pleasure I get from them.

And therefore I propose a picnic on the Heath with an open invitation to all knitters who can be tempted.

Sunday the 26th of August, kick off time - 2pm, wind down at 7pm.
Sunday the 16th of September, kick off time - 2pm, wind down at 6pm.

We meet on Hampstead Heath (Kenwood House bit) by the lake (weather permitting).

What to bring: needles and your favourite/current/easiest to follow project, a blanket, a knitting friend or two, a few knitting-friendly munchies (you know, nothing that would threaten our fine knits), change - so that we can treat ourselves to delicious ice creams and coffee, and OF COURSE our families (were applicable). Maybe we could set up a picnic for blokes/kids near by so that they can enjoy a fantastic day out, but do not risk being stabbed by a stray needle :) We will thankfully accept offers of foot rubs and quiet admiration (perfect for those moments when one needs to re-count the stitches). Let me know your thoughts re: this particular issue of non-knitting partners and tiddlers, so that we have a plan that really works. Frisbees, balls and such should help to keep them entertained.

If you have a willing friend, who would like to learn to knit bring them along! With so many knitters around they won't be able to help it but pick up the whole knit & purl thing and join in the fun.

PS: An afterthought.-) we might well be able to tempt our lovely partners and older kids to join in the knitting thing. I'd give a lot to see/have a photo of Nick knitting!


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Riggwelter said...

If I lived closer I'd be there, I shall join you in spirit!
The Heath looks wonderful, beautiful flowers and I completely agree about combining favourite activities. I can often be found sitting in my garden on an evening (after the kids have gone to bed) knitting.

Hope your knit out is successful and you encourage lots of dads and kids to knit.