20 June 2007

"No Face" Project

If you haven't watched Spirited Away yet, DO! It's such a wonderful story and it's beautifully done. I think it is my favorite animated film ever.
In this story there is a character, who at first looks just like a regular customer of the bath house, and a very wealthy one too. However, when he is allowed in, he turns into an enormous and terrifying monster called No Face, swallows three spirits and makes an awful mess of the whole place.
Well, this is pretty much how I would sum up my renovation project. It started innocently and then turned into a monster of gigantic proportions.
This is our living room in its monster-like glory. This picture was taken just a couple of days ago.

Actually I think that No Face is beginning to get better and am hoping to be rid of it in about 2 weeks time. Everyone is involved in bringing this about!

Luckily No Face doesn't mind socks, so this is what I have been knitting to keep my sanity intact. It's perhaps not much of a surprise given that SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS! workshop starts this Saturday and I need some sock models.

Every now and then I manage to escape No Face and I seek exile in places like The Duke of Cambridge, where I met Iwona yesterday for our first session of her second round of the knitting course. She's just come back from one of my favorite places (here comes 3rd portion of my randomness): Tatra mountains.

It was so lovely (for the thunder storm was raging outside!), sitting there knitting a sock, keeping an eye on the shrug and sipping deliciously zingy lime drink, and chatting.


Sarah said...

Oh my word! Glad that you'll get away from that for the day on Saturday. See you soon!

Kath said...

Wow - what an interesting read your blog is! I don't envy you all that stripping - I have a pitch pine tongue and groove wall that took me nearly 3 years (stop start) to finish but it was facinating to see what the wall had been covered with over the years! I hope your course goes well!