09 May 2007

Reduced to Swatching

I don't know what's the matter with my brain. I've lost my creative flow. What with all these holidays, traveling, Oggle (do come and say hello if you please), taking my focus off knitting, cooking enormous lasagna and (actually) feeling quite exhausted. Nearly forgot about 3 demanding children here!
I'm gradually regaining some ground with the surprise project, but it's so multi-fold that I'm struggling to embrace the scope of it.
What I tend to resort to when I'm gone "to pieces" like this is swatching. It really helps me to get my teeth back into projects and to get some creative flare going.
I used to hate it when I was a kid. I just saw it as a nuisance delaying the thrilling moment when I was ready to cast on a new project. Now that I'm a bit older I came to appreciate it as a tool of a virtuoso, an important stage in the creative process, a means to "knitting without swearing". I swatch with great pleasure these days, sipping some herbal tea and inhaling yummy smell of eggplant lasagna or banana tea bread!


Sarah said...

I think I understand that feeling - I've got some swatches planned for the weekend and I'm really looking forward to them - they hold so much hope I think as well as being of manageable proportions.

Riggwelter said...

I know how you feel. I am also swatching too, but have decided to learn how to crochet, so lots of newly learned crochet swatches going on here! Maybe that will spark my imagination.