22 May 2007

Knitting Is Like Music

Last Saturday I was invited to accompany Iwona (who is attending YCK course) and her wonderful Mr A at the performance titled "Ligeti Remembered 2" by the London Sinfonietta at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank.
The performance was excellent. The Chamber Concerto struck me as a metaphor to my state of knitting at the moment. Well, it is a peace of music which, in my humble opinion, has every appearance of total chaos, abounding in almost unbearable moments, but - get this - it has a really powerful undercurrent of harmony and is amazingly structured throughout. Chaos is in fact an illusion. EVERY note is perfectly timed. The effect is just incredible! The similarity between this piece of music and where my numerous projects are at right now was something of a discovery and a very valuable realization. I can now relax, as I am reminded to trust the creative process and am in fact choosing to let go of my habitual desire to control this very process!

BTW, have you heard Steve Reich's Sextet?
Well worth checking out.

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Sarah said...

Hurrah for letting go and trusting the chaos.

Also congratulations on making it down from the Himalayas to safety - am looking forward to seeing what the heavenly beaded yarn becomes.