21 May 2007

Operating Theatre

I've been up to some beading and had a few nerve racking moments whilst at it. Just look at this:

This is 2 ply Mongolian cashmere, just a notch stronger than a cobweb. This knot is as tight as they come. To untangle this I will need the finest needle in the house. One wrong move and it all goes to pot! Meaning having to re-thread about 900 glass beads. Ouch!

Luckily, mostly in situations like this I can count on my nerves PROVIDED that no one breathes or moves and there is total understanding amongst all present that it's not much different from being in Himalayas AND right on the edge of a 10,000 meters drop with strong wind blowing like there was no tomorrow.

It's also a matter of being totally relaxed and in a state of utmost serenity to achieve this sort of untangling. One's mind must be quiet. (Does this explain why do I like transformational work so much? Nothing like it to regain some control over one's mind!)

I just don't get people who think that knitting is boring!


Kendra said...

The beads looks so pretty. I find knots so frustrating!

Riggwelter said...

Phew! i held my breath through that post too! very pretty beads and yarn.