08 May 2007

Life In Bloom

These last few days were so full of fun and rich experiences I don't know where to start!

On Friday I met with Iwona and we had an informal session at Giraffe on Upper Street. It so happened that I had to take Oliver with me, which was an "out-of-ordinary" experience, and worked surprisingly well considering attention span of a 1.5 yr old!

Iwona just came back from her holiday in States and it felt great to be catching up and seeing all the progress made on various projects, and even new projects on the needles, like this scarf, which I totally adore. Don't you?

It's bulky Noro wool & silk blend. I'm in love with colors and texture!

We mostly worked on her shrug, which is an ambitious first project. It is being made of Debbie Bliss 100% silk in an edible rich berry color. Very well chosen, but not the easiest of yarns to be working with.

After that I visited Loop and bought some Noro silk, kidmohair & wool blend (easily influenced!) and a new book by Claire Montgomerie, who also works at Loop and had a chat with Stephan, who was busy knitting union jack tank. I was actually quite frazzled and this little errand lifted my somewhat lowish spirits.

Off home to finish packing and go to lovely Carmarthenshire in south-west Wales to attend Kindling Point Annual Dialogue. Just got back yesterday evening and am still in sheer awe of what a marvelous experience that was! We met with some dear friends we made through participating in courses run by KP over many years - from Italy, States & UK. The place itself was just stunning and oozed fabulous energy. Oh, the birdsong!
I am very interested in dialogue (as described by David Bohm in his wonderful book "On Dialogue", which is an absolute must read) and passionate about what's possible when people engage in a true dialogue where there is responsiveness as opposed to reactiveness, and listening as opposed to righteousness. I'm inspired every time I have an opportunity to engage with others in such a way. The weekend event we went to was about that and it left me feeling revitalised and stimulated.

It was a great distraction from work and knitting. I took a sock in need of finishing with me, but didn't get to knit even one stitch!

Just before I went away I got an e-mail from Sarah and she has put her stake in for the sock-making workshop. I am very much looking forward to meeting a fellow knitting blogger in person!

PS: I did some swatching last week and experimented with Grecian plait pattern.

Can you see the difference between the two pictures below?

I think today will need to be yet another day off knitting duty. I need to relax and gather myself.


Sarah said...

Likewise am looking forward to meeting a blogger in the real world!

Glad you've had such a good few days, the colours of that Noro yarn are alone make for a good day.

Kendra said...

Oliver looks so sweet! And I love the look of that book you've just bought.