14 May 2007

Oggle is from ???

Hand-dyed shawls from my collection. (From left to right: silk dyed in cochineal, silk dyed in indigo & safflower, and linen dyed in safflower.)

Yesterday I was at Oggle, which turned out to be a good experience, although a tad on a quiet side. The weather was appalling, which did not help! The market took place at Abney Public Hall in Stoke Newington.

I had pleasure to meet Caroline and Mel, who are the combo behind Oggleeverything. The little creature in the middle is Oggle in his/her very own person (when it comes to think about it I have no clue as to what gender this creature is!) I got to admire his/her fine features close up. Oggle is made by Paula Wolfenden who is promoted by the company Kitch-en See.

They struck me as a really wonderful team. Figure this - they were so in tune with each other that they both bought independently these two bracelets with gorgeous antique tomato glass beads (both designed and executed by my humble self, 2006).

One of the highlights of the event was the artisan chocolates stall just next to mine. I spent some time chatting with Kirsty, who... now, hold your breath... is a chocolate designer, and has recently set up Perfectly Tempered. I got a glimpse of what's it like to make bespoke chocolates. Fascinating! Especially her Rosemary Chocolates sounded rather alluring to me, but unfortunately she didn't have any of those with her. So, we tasted some yummy truffles instead!

There was a lot of beautiful things around and I met and chatted with many interesting makers.
The real treasure I found was a beautiful collection of wall plaques by Naomi McILroy. I love her work. It's just exquisite.

It won't be a surprise than if I say that those beauties below are now adorning the kitchen wall of my sweet home!

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Sarah said...

What beautiful items - well in the case of Oggle perhaps more unique and full of character.