31 July 2006

Sunlit stitches

The photo shows one of my favourite shawls.

Linen dyed in safflower. 2003.

I've been neglecting this spot terribly. I've got about 5 minutes to touch base with the knitting kind. Summer hols are here and kids keep me busy! However, my wonderful sister has taken them out for a walk this afternoon and I spent that time knitting. (I've got to snap a picture of progress on the cardi.) It was just great! I got completely immersed in it (not so good for the old chores, which did not get done ;)

PS: Thanks for all your lovely comments. Glad you like the colours. But let me tell you, this pattern is going to be only for those who are not afraid of epics.

1 comment:

Kendra said...

How beautiful. So delicate and fine. It isn't a difficult choice between housework and knitting is it?