01 August 2006


Today is time for ... Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.
(imagine applause here)

For 2 reasons:

  • her blog is listed in my favourite links

  • she is a famous lover of Knitterly Arts and I bet most of you have already heard of her, which is just brilliant as I only have about 3 minutes to finish this (read: before my children get home from their outdoorsy adventures)

  • Stephanie is a writer, and she writes about knitting. If you haven't read anything by her yet - quick, get onto Amazon and get one of her books! And if you can't wait for it to be delivered visit her blog.

    She's funny, smart and a Mum too. And I have a secret suspicion (it's not going to be much of a secret once this post is published): I think she might be a dula or a midwife also. Did you see the amount of pictures of little tiddlers on her blog? Frankly, how does she get to know all those babies? Stephanie, if you get to read this (I know from the harlot you're busy sleeping at the mo) can you please clarify? Sorry, I don't mean to be nosy, but I'm really into this style of midwifery - and something in one of her/your books made me think that.

    To quickly sum up - brilliant KC*. Must know about her (or even better - her) if you consider yourself a knitter in the know.

    I wonder if she's going to visit the Wool Empire (read: GB)?

    PS: I think London would blow your mind, S. As far as the travelling sock is concerned, I don't know, but I think "having its socks blown off" would be difficult, technically speaking.

    *Knitterly Celebrity


    Sharon said...

    Often wondered would she ever come to Australia??

    Stephanie said...

    I'm glad you like the blog, and thanks for the terrific compliments.
    I'm a Birth Doula (a womans attendent in labour and birth, someone who provides all care excepting medical) and an IBCLC (Lactation Consultant) and a Childbirth Educator, which really does explain the number of babes on the blog. I practically traffic in them!