20 July 2006

Keep & Share

Well, I thought it might be a good idea to jot a few words down about some of my favourite links.

Today is time for Keep & Share. It is an unusual recommendation, considering that I am a knitter (alas capable of knitting things up myself), but I still think it is well worth knowing.

Here is why (besides that it is a lovely idea):

  • all things are knitted up by skillful clever people in UK (not everything is made in China after all)

  • is far more sounder in terms of sustainable thinking than acquiring a load of fashion fads, which will be so out of date three months later that it is simply not true (just think what we could do with all energy we put into being slaves of fashion and invest in long haul pieces instead)

  • provides service that is tailored to suit individual needs

  • is unique and taking care of a dreadful gap in the marketplace

  • it is a real tribute to a more original and personal attitude towards dressing

For all those reasons and possibly quite few others, which I won't go into right now as I am running desperately short of time this morning, you would be smart to remember it. You never know! To give you an example, last year I had a baby and was so busy getting used to a new little person in the family that I had absolutely no time to knit or even think about knitting. So I got one of those lovely cardis as a treat for myself for getting along so well, and also because it was getting colder and colder as I was being faced with the eternal "I've got nothing to wear" (which actually, as I think about it, was perfectly normal given that pregnancy had left me completely unable to squeeze into any of my favourite clothes). I love that cardi to bits, and it felt good knowing that my indulgence was helping another knitter to thrive!

Well done Amy. And all the very best!


Kendra said...

Thanks for sharing the link it looks great. Have you seen Anna's similar site (of the my fashionable life blog). It is at http://needleandhook.co.uk/

Sharon said...

Hello fellow new member of the knitting path ;)