17 July 2006

The cardi is cursed!

I am positive this cardigan I am making for Clara is cursed. How else would you explain that although I am making heroic efforts to have it come out right, it resists like hell.

I took the work off the needles today and was horrified by how irregular the stitches are, especially in the sections between birds. If you didn't know me you would of thought I had more than an occasional glass of red whilst making it. Oh, how I hate those birds for being so stubbornly difficult.

Admittingly - all the pleating has gone, but it is so far from perfection I can hardly stop myself from doing something horrific to it. Like shredding it to bits.

The only reason I have resisted the urge to succumb to this wild instinct is that I am not so easily beaten. I am not giving up yet.

I have soaked it in tepid water for a while and the stitches do look a bit more even.

It isn't much help to be such a damned perfectionist. Maybe I am cursed also?

...Maybe I need to stop right here before it escalates to "we're all cursed" or " the world is cursed" or something else completely out of proportion ("cotton is cursed"?)...

I think I need to remind myself that ideas, whilst being born into the physical world, do lose their idealistic purity and have to conform to the laws of physical world which, unfortunately, sometimes manifest as uneven tension.

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