09 July 2006

Looping up

Gaps in writing like the one I just had is exactly what I mean when I say that my children are a source of endless distractions. I hardly had time to even think of knitting - leave alone actually doing any knitting!

This morning I took some time linking up with my favourite knitting sites and subscribed to a ring of UK knitters. I need to evolve to a Connected Up Knitter, as opposed to a solitary one. Be a part of a bigger knitting conversation, not a spot of an obsessive monologue. The intention here is to have some fun, maybe even make friends?

This is meant to be a gallery as well. Above are some pictures of my wildest projects to date ( pre-children, hence the truly magnificent scope!)

Three dresses: 1) Yellow safflower hand-dyed silk. 2) Bleached linen. 3) Lilac cochineal hand-dyed silk. All dresses are seamless - not sure if I mentioned that yet - seamlessness is my signature.

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Kath said...

Welcome to the wider world of knitting!