29 June 2006

"So what was the solution to your pleat problem?" Dah!

I sent my husband a link to this blog to get his feedback. I spoke to him on the phone yesterday afternoon and this is what he said: "Did you find the solution then? What was it?" And I stood there thunderstruck. I had a realization. Not everyone has got a knitter's head firmly screwed onto their neck. What's obvious to me might not be obvious to somebody who can't tell a knit stitch from a purl stitch. For benefit of all of you who belong in this bag - the solution was one zillion tiny knots created with help of a crochet hook on the dissected lengths of yarn on the back (shown in the middle picture of the previous post). It's not as dramatic as performing brain surgery, but none the less I needed a few sedative glasses of wine (not to mention generous helpings of Rescue Remedy every now and then). Good news is that now the birds are DONE, and from now on it will be a lot of st st. And inventing the shape - I can sense raglan sleeves wanting to appear in this cardi. This plain knitting means that I have enough thinking space freed up in my head to start germinating another idea. Here is a clue. Baby Oliver pictured above is the source of inspiration for the next project. I promise to keep you posted as the events unfold :)

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