21 April 2007

Sheep, sheep, sheep...

Yesterday morning L & C were messing about with pastels on the kitchen table and I had a secret peek over their shoulders to see what they were drawing.
Want to have a guess?

Now, these are sheep (in case you're wondering). Actually, just a quick sketch.

Clara decided that there is no point to farm sheep, unless they are colorful. I totally get her point!

These are " The Sheep Under A Starry Sky". The green lines are there to prevent the sheep from escaping, apparently.

And here we see "Sheep At Night".

But this is where it really gets rocking...
Farmer's house (don't you love the stained glass windows?) and a flying sheep :)

PS: Dear Riggwelter, what a coincidence with plundering Ollies!


Anonymous said...

Very cute artwork!!!

Riggwelter said...

Oh how wonderful are they, I completely agree with Clara!