27 April 2007

Deceptive silence

It's been quiet at Stitchville for a few days, but trust me - it's been a flurry of activity in my non-virtual space.
Firstly, I have confirmed dates for You Can Knit for next three seasons, which takes us all the way to March 2008! I have also been spending lots of time designing a sock-making workshop, which has been on my mind ever since I have fallen down that bottomless hole of sock making addiction. I have been thinking (and writing) about it so much that a word "sock" became somewhat abstract and I could no longer be sure how to spell it correctly! Yep, so I have 2 weekend workshops scheduled for socks too. All of a sudden my diary is looking even more busy. But hey! As long as the items in it are knitting related I cannot be daunted by the sheer AMOUNT! In fact, the more the better! (If I happen to be in a less of an optimistic mood at some point in the future, please refer me back to this post to jig my memory, will you?)

There is another new item on the menu: Jade Sapphire Corner. Watch this space for progress on a (relatively) long term project I have just made a start on. It is a surprise so I cannot say more, but all will be divulged when the time is right.
A little hint, which doesn't reveal a thing, actually, beyond what is guessable, given that I'm a knitting-fixated individual...

Watch this space. More news coming soon!


Francesca said...

I love the pattern/color combination! Is it a sleeve?

Riggwelter said...

ooooh The Jade Saphire thing sounds interesting...good luck with it, whatever it is!

I know exactly what you mean about forgetting how to spell "sock"! When I was writing mt dissertation for Uni, I had forgotten how to write a "y" and had to go back through my notes to find one!!

The orange look lovely, what is it?

Kendra said...

So many exciting sounding things! I'm so glad everything is going so well with all your new ventures. It's great to see someone's hard work and talent paying off.